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Who is the best Encino dentistry around?

Philip Farzad DDS on 10/8/18.

Encino dentistry

At Dr. Philip Farzad, we are the best Encino dentistry around. We have the most experienced dentist as well as the most technologically advanced dentistry equipment. We are always ready to serve our clients who need dental attention and care. We do offer a wide range of dental treatment to our patients. Once you are at our clinic, you will be given the best dental treatment that you require.

Your happiness our number one priority here at our center. We are happy to leave you smiling all the way to your home once you have received our treatment. The following are the common procedures that we offer here at our clinic

Full mouth reconstruction

Normally for cosmetic purposes, we do offer full mouth reconstruction. Also, this is a procedure that is suitable for patients suffering from decayed teeth or dental dysfunctions. Therefore, the main purposes of full mouth reconstruction are to improve your appearance as well as improve the usefulness of your dental functions. Encino dentistry performs the following full mouth reconstruction procedures; dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges.  Dental implants are useful for the tooth that is totally missing. Dental implants are long-lasting and are stronger. The dentures are removable, unlike the implants. The dentures are used to replace missing teeth. For some patients, dental implants are not suitable hence, the only option left is the use of dentures. Moreover, dental bridges are appliances that are used to fill the place of a missing tooth or teeth. Dental bridges are useful in improving general appearance as well as helping in chewing or biting food.

Dental extractions

A dental extraction is also one of the Encino dentistry procedures that we offer at our clinic. It is a common procedure and is normally done alongside other dental procedures. Tooth extraction is done to both children and adults. This procedure can be both easy or complicated depending on the positioning of the tooth to be extracted. At our clinic, we have the best extraction equipment that will make extraction simpler. Dental extraction can be simple, or it can involve surgery.

Cosmetic dentistry

Apart from general dentistry, at Philip Farzad Encino dentistry, we also offer cosmetic dentistry aimed at improving the general look of the patient. Our cosmetic dentist is capable of changing your look to your desired look. Cosmetic dentistry involves some common procedures such as oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, veneers, and dental crowns. If you require repositioning of your teeth, you will definitely need an oral surgery procedure. Other procedures involving surgery that are aimed at improving or changing the look and appearance include reconstructive procedures such as lip cleft surgery. Veneers as well are used in cosmetic dentistry since they improve the quality of the teeth. Dental crowns are placed on top of the teeth for cosmetic purposes. Dental crowns stick permanently and are durable.

Are you looking forward to improving your general appearance? Dr. Philp Farzad, DDS is the best Encino dentistry that you can visit.

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