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Who is given sedative medication?


Sedation dentistry Encino

What is sedation dentistry? Well, sedation dentistry is basically a type of dental treatment where the patient is induced with sedative medication. While carrying out dentistry treatment, the procedure might be very painful and uncomfortable.

Therefore, sedatives are used to minimize the anxiety and pain that causes discomfort. Sedation dentistry Encino is a recent dentistry advancement that we use in Philip Farzad, DDS clinic. We prefer sedation dentistry since it makes dental treatment easy.

The patient will not feel any pain, and thus the dentist can perform any procedure without being disturbed.

Sedation dentistry is recommended?

Sedation dentistry is recommended for every patient. However, some dental treatment procedures do not require the use of sedatives. If the treatment procedure is painless, then the use of sedatives is not necessary. Commonly, sedation dentistry Encino is meant for children. At our clinic, we offer children dentistry.

We do sedate children to ensure that they feel very comfortable during a dental treatment procedure. Normally children cannot withstand too much pain, they will shift during the treatment. Sedation helps both the dentist and the patient. The dentist will have a good time while offering the treatment, and the patient will feel comfortable. Apart from children, sedative medication is also used in our clinic to sedate those patients with weak reflex. Sedation dentistry Encino is best to keep the patient comfortable and relaxed while unconscious.

Before giving sedation medication to any of our patients, we first consider the type of procedure to be taken. There are different types of sedation dentistry Encino methods, and each method depends on the type of dental treatment to be carried out. The following are the different sedation methods used in our clinic:

Inhaled sedation

Sedation dentistry Encino uses this kind of sedation to induced relaxing effect on the patient. Our dentists place a gas mask on the patient’s nose and mouth. They then supply a minimal and regulated sedative gas. The gas released from the gas cylinder is monitored. We care about you here at Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic. We want you to have a relaxed and comfortable dental treatment.

Oral sedation

Other dental treatment procedures require oral sedation.

Oral sedation dentistry Encino is in the form of medicinal pill. We normally administer the sedation pill just before the dental treatment procedure commences. This is to ensure that the sedation pill effect is effective during the treatment. We normally use oral sedation for the suitable dental treatment procedure since it is an easy method to monitor and alter.

IV moderate sedation

The mode of administering the sedation in this method is through injection. Sedation dentistry Encino uses this method is some treatment procedures. Our dentist uses this method of sedation dentistry if the sedation effect is required immediately.

We also prefer this method not only because it is faster but because it can be easily altered and monitored as well. We have a team of very qualified dentist who will ensure that you have the comfort you want during the treatment. Visit our clinic today for the best and comfortable dental treatment.

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