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What you can get from a general dentist

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Dentistry involves various different dental treatments that are aimed at improving dental health. In a number of cases, you may have to go to two or more dental specialists in order for your condition to be fully treated. Oral surgery is one of the most complex forms of dentistry since it involves invasive surgical procedures. However, there are also plenty of other dental treatments that can be done by a general dentist. Actually, most dental treatments offered in the day to day dentistry is done by a general dentist Encino. You can get the best dental treatment in the city at Philip Farzad DDS. They have a range of dental specialists as well as various equipment for dental treatment. Below are some of the common dental services you can get from a general dentist.

Simple tooth extraction

Tooth removal can either be done surgically or through the simple method. If the tooth is entirely visible, the dentist will perform a simple tooth extraction. However, if the tooth is partially hidden under the gum, an oral surgeon will have to perform surgical tooth extraction. For simple tooth extraction, you can get it done in just a single dental session. Sometimes, the Encino dentist can opt to do the procedure immediately after the consultation session. What’s more, the dentist will inform you whether it is safe to get the tooth extracted or whether there are better dental treatments you can get for your dental issue.

Scaling and cleaning teeth

An Encino dentist can perform tooth cleaning to improve the appearance of the teeth. Tooth cleaning and scaling involve the removal of the stained layers on the enamel of the tooth. While tooth whitening is also a viable dental treatment, teeth cleaning does not employ the use of strong bleaching properties. This means that you will have holistic dental treatment. This procedure does not require a lot of work and can be done in a single dental session.

Treating chipped teeth

You can get dental treatment for chipped or broken teeth at Philip Farzad DDS. They offer tooth reconstruction services as well as tooth replacement.

The Encino dentist chooses the best form of treatment depending on your dental issue. The dentist can use composite bonding where he makes a tough paste which is used to cover the chipped area of the tooth. The paste is applied onto the tooth either covering the entire tooth or the chipped/ broken part only. The paste is then hardened by a strong light which the dentist focuses directly on the paste. After about twenty minutes, the paste dries, and the dentist does some final touches to make the tooth look complete and similar to the rest.

Removing cavities

You can visit a general dentist for cavity removal. Removing cavities can be done in a variety of ways. For dental clinics that use ozone dentistry, they can easily flush out cavities by passing gaseous ozone over them. The ozone destroys bacteria leaving teeth clean and healthy.

The dentist may also choose to remove the cavity physically then cover the tooth with a dental crown or filling. Depending on your preference, the dentist chooses the best type of treatment.

If cavities and decay proceed to the gum and root, you may have to visit an oral surgeon to get a root canal.

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