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What do Veneers Treat?

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Today many people over the world are getting into plastic surgery to enhance their appearance by highlighting their good looks. A perfect and bright smile is also a necessity for that desired natural look. Dr. Philip Fazard is a practicing dentist in Encino who has perfected the art of veneers preparation and application on patient’s teeth. Veneers are strips that are placed on the front surface of teeth to correct simple faults on them and giving the patient the desired appealing look.

Our dentist is highly qualified and experienced, and he has put smiles on thousands of patients. You are welcome to visit our practice for your dental concerns, and you can be sure to get the best veneers Encino experience.

What do Veneers Treat?

There are some teeth complications that can be solved using veneers. A visit to our clinic will begin with an examination by our resident dentist, Dr. Philip Fazard, who after assessing the nature of your teeth may recommend veneers for you and begin the preparation process.

Veneers are an ideal solution for patients with chipped teeth that would otherwise make them feel self-conscious and possibly ruin their perfect smile and social life. Veneers also solve issues of teeth discoloring, teeth misalignment, crowded teeth as well as gaps in between teeth. Dr. Philip also recommends the procedure to patients with receding gum issues who tend to get black triangles on their teeth which cause unnecessary attention.


After the consultation with Dr. Philip and his issuance of the green light on the procedure, he will take you through the preparation for the procedure. Though many people do not have to prepare their teeth in any way before the application of veneers, there are some who need their teeth to be slightly reduced. Dr. Philip will put you under general or local anesthesia so do not worry about the pain.

Production of the Veneers

After preparation, Dr. Philip will take a scan of your mouth to get the specifications for the veneers. The specifications are then sent to the lab where the veneers are prepared.

The quality of the veneers varies with the desires of the patient. We have quite a number of options, and the dentist will introduce you to all of them for you to choose the most suitable one. The different veneers differ in quality, and the choice will be relative to your budget.

Single Visit Treatment

With the technology and equipment we have at our disposal, Dr. Philip is able to do the entire procedure in a single session. This is possible through the use of the newly approved CEREC technology.

The dentist prepares a 3D representation of your dental formula and using the computer the veneers are easily developed. The entire process can take as little as 2 hours after which you leave our dental clinics with your brand new look. Dr. Philip is caring and always consults with the patient in order to handle their specific dental concerns as he is dedicated to providing the best veneers Encino treatment available.

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