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We are offering a wide range of dental treatments

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Here at Philip Farzad DDS, we are offering a wide range of dental treatment. We have very quailed dentist in our clinic to offer the right dentistry treatment. We are also fully equipped with advanced technological tools.

We are offering our services to all the clients that come to our clinic. Our holistic dentist is very concern about your general body wellness. Our dental treatment procedures are very safe and have minimal to no side effects.

The materials we use are as well biocompatible to the human body. We are offering general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and many others.

The following are the services that are available in our clinic:

Emergency treatment

We recognize that some dental issues require urgent attention. This is why we have an emergency dentist Encino. Those dental complications that are likely to cause further harm are considered as emergency situations. The following are the dental issues which need immediate dental care. When you lose a tooth or teeth when your dental crown goes missing when your teeth get cracked ensure that you seek dental care immediately. Apart from teeth damages, facial pain, tongue or cheek wounds, tooth pain caused by dental accidents are also recognized as emergencies.

Preventive and restorative dental services

Dentist Encino is concerned about preventing possible causes of dental illness. We are also concerned with restoring your dental health or wellness. We offer such services as tooth extraction as a preventive measure. When a decayed tooth is extracted, further teeth decay is prevented. Restoration dental services include Invisalign and veneers. We do offer free advice to our clients on good dental practices. We ensure that our patients are satisfied with our services as they get out of our clinic.

Cosmetic dentistry

Dentist Encino not only offers dentistry to treat dental illnesses. We offer cosmetic dentistry as well. Cosmetic dentistry is basically interested in improving the appearance of the person. Teeth positioning and teeth coloring plays a major role in one’s overall appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is therefore concerned with restoring smile and self-esteem to the person. Cosmetic dentistry services that we offer include teeth whitening, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, Invisalign and many others.

Sedation dentistry

Dental treatment procedures can be very painful and uncomfortable. This is why we are offering sedation dentistry services. We understand that our patients want relaxed and comfortable dental treatment. Dentist Encino thus uses sedatives to induce temporary unconsciousness to the patient. This way the patient will not feel any pain during the procedure. Additionally, such dental procedures such as gum surgery need a lot of attention. The dentist will be able to cut through the gums easily and without disturbance keenly.

Dentist Encino

Dentist Encino offers not only the services mentioned above but also more other dental services.

Additional dental services that we provide at our clinic include, fixing of dentures, sleep apnea, implants, root canal therapy, and many others.

We are here to ensure that you receive the best dental services ever. Ensure that you visit our clinic not just for general dentistry but also cosmetic dentistry.

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