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Benefits of getting porcelain veneers for your teeth

Veneers are small dental pieces that can be used to improve the quality of your teeth. 

Most of the time, veneers are used for cosmetic purposes in making teeth look more appealing. Most people prefer porcelain veneers due to their natural look on your teeth. No one can notice that you have veneers on since they are thin and usually match the shade of adjacent teeth. There are various benefits of getting veneers that you need to enjoy. 

At Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic, you can get different types of veneers depending on your preference. Our dentist will help you choose a convenient type of veneer that will suit your dental issue perfectly. Visit us today and enjoy top-notch veneer services.

Cosmetic services

One of the most common benefits of getting veneers placed is the improvement of your teeth and smile in general. Veneers, specifically porcelain veneers, are commonly used in cosmetic dentistry due to their bright sheen and lustre. You can visit our dental clinic at Philip Farzad DDS to get the best cosmetic treatment using veneers.

During treatment, our dentist will first clean the tooth being transformed to eliminate any plaque. The dentist then etches the outside of the tooth to allow for better adhesion of the veneer. After that, the dentist applies dental cement on the surface of the tooth and then places the veneer. 

After a few minutes, the veneer is stuck permanently onto the tooth giving it a new and transformed look.

No recovery times

Most dental treatments usually require a lot of time to heal fully. Some of them can take up to a year for your teeth to be back to normal functioning. 

For porcelain veneers, however, you won’t have to wait at all before using your new teeth. The procedure is not invasive in a few ways making it less painful and discomforting. Also, the veneers won’t interfere with talking or chewing. 

Due to their little size, they have little effect on the appearance and functioning of the teeth. Most of our dental patients resume their day to day activities the next day after getting porcelain veneers.

Tooth reconstruction

Porcelain veneers can also be used for reconstructing teeth that have grown poorly. For people with gaps in their teeth, we usually recommend getting veneers to restore their evenness. Instead of going for orthodontic treatment which may cost a lot more, porcelain veneers can offer the same convenience with less recovery time.

Our dentist can use small veneers to fill gaps between teeth and make your teeth more even. During treatment, the dentist creates small veneer bits that can fit in the gaps and uses dental cement to stick them permanently.

Permanent treatment

Veneers are usually permanent. Although this may inconvenience some people who may want to change the dental treatment for something else, it also offers a permanent solution for dental issues. Nonetheless, they can be repaired if they begin to chip or crack. 

Porcelain veneers do not shake inside the mouth like other orthodontic treatments making them very convenient for tooth enhancement.


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