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Different types of TMJ Treatment

TMJ treatment is a common dental procedure in most dental clinics across the country. When it comes to facial injuries that leave a lasting pain, TMJ treatment could be the best solution for that. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a significant facial joint that allows the movement of the jaws.

If this area is damaged or injured, it may cause a lot of pain and discomfort making you miss out on some of your days to day activities. Sometimes, getting a dentist who offers TMJ treatment can be difficult. This is why we recommend visiting a professional orthodontist to get the best services for TMJ treatment. 

At Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic, we offer various types of TMJ treatment some of which include dental appliances. Visit us today and get the best out of TMJ treatment.

What causes a TMJ disorder?

The temporomandibular joint is usually very fragile and can be easily fractured. If the joint is not well protected, it may be damaged during play or other vigorous activities. Most of our dental patients usually have TMJ disorder because of facial injury during sports.

This is usually very common owing to the positioning of the TMJ joint at the front of both ears. A TMJ disorder may also be caused by some forms of medical arthritis. Arthritis affects the strength of the bones making them weak and ineffective. 

If you feel that you have arthritis that is affecting your TMJ, you should visit a dentist immediately for TMJ treatment. People who grind their teeth a lot are also prone to a TMJ disorder. Since grinding puts a lot of pressure on the joint, it may make it ache and start becoming difficult to move.

Available treatments for TMJ

At Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic, we offer various ways of treating a TMJ disorder. Our proficient dental specialists can provide an individualized treatment plan that will suit your dental issue. 

One of the most ordinary treatments for TMJ is jaw restructuring.

Jaw restructuring

Sometimes a TMJ disorder may be caused by poor jaw growth which leads to a locked jaw. A locked jaw can limit you from fully opening your mouth and also cause a lot of pain. Jaw restructuring is an orthodontic procedure that is aimed at realigning the jaw to a more even position. 

We usually recommend this procedure for people who have had an injury to the jaw or those who have irregular jaw growth.

Open joint surgery

Open joint surgery is a rare type of TMJ treatment in that it is done in only a few exceptional cases. We usually recommend open joint surgery for people whose TMJ disorder has been prolonged and is causing excess pain. 

Since this procedure has more risks than others, it is usually done by a proficient orthodontist or oral surgeon. It involves a direct surgery on the TMJ to fix the issue presented.

Dental appliances

Our dentists can assign a dental appliance to act as a protective measure against a TMJ disorder. These dental appliances can either be used during the day or as you sleep depending on the cause of your TMJ disorder. 

Visit us today and get the best TMJ treatment in the city.

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