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sports mouth guards

Why you need to get customized sports mouth guards

Some sports are usually very vigorous and can cause accidental injuries on all areas of the body. One of the most commonly used protective measures in sports and games are sports mouth guards. Mouth guards are as well known as sports guards or gum shields in different areas. These dental appliances are specially designed to protect your teeth and gums from injury as you play.

They are specially designed for comfort and strength making them ideal for use in sports. At Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic, we offer various different types of sports mouth guards. Our dentist can help you select the most suitable one for you depending on your preference and expected outcome. Visit us today and enjoy the convenience of a good and effective sports mouth guards.

Which is the best type of sports mouth guards?

Sports mouth guards are available in different types. Some sports mouth guards may be more convenient for you than others. At Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic, we offer specialized treatment for allocation of sports mouth guards. Mouth guards that are not explicitly designed for your dental structure may be uncomfortable and shaky. 

This makes them somewhat ineffective since they may dislodge as you play your sport. If you are considering getting sport mouth guards, it is always recommended that you get custom made ones instead of the boil and bite type. This is because they offer more convenience and can be specifically designed to cushion your teeth from hard injuries and accidents. For the best-individualized treatment for sports mouth guards, visit us today.

Benefits of customized sports mouth guards

A sports mouth guards are generally very important in protecting your dental structure as you play. Impact during play can make you lose all your front teeth which isn’t such a good picture. In some cases, accidents during play can lead to a broken jaw which will require intense orthodontic treatment as well as facial reconstruction. To avoid all these, 

it is always best to get a sports mouth guard. A customized sports mouth guard can be designed in such a way that it maximizes speech impairment which is usually common with mouth guards. It can also be designed to be stronger at certain areas of the mouth depending on the sport that you are engaged in. 

A customized sports mouth guard also offers comfort as well as incorporating your individual needs. Our dentist can help you select the most suitable design for your dental structure.

Taking care of sports mouth guards

A mouth guard is a delicate dental appliance. This means that you should take extra care of them while placing, removing and also storing. During your dental visit to get the mouth guard, our dentist will provide some guidelines that should help you maintain the standard of your sports mouth guard. 

Cleaning them frequently is recommended in order to reduce the risk of bacteria and other infections. If you feel that the mouth guard is broken or shaky, you should contact your dentist to get it fixed otherwise get a new set.

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