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Sedation Dentistry Encino, CA

What you need to be acquainted with about sedation dentistry

With recent advancements in dentistry, more and more ways of improving dental treatment have been found. One of the major forms of dentistry that is being widely used today is sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry refers to a type of dentistry where the dentist uses sedative medication to reduce the anxiety of dental patients and also lessen pain and discomfort during treatment. 

More and more people are opting for sedation dentistry since it makes dental treatment much more enjoyable than before. Sedative medication will ensure that you do not squirm or jerk during dental treatment. Depending on the dental procedure, our dentist will select the most suitable form of sedation for you. Visit us today at Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic to get the best sedation treatment in general dentistry.


Who qualifies for sedation dentistry?

Basically, anyone can get sedation dentistry during dental treatment. However, for some dental patients, this procedure is more or less necessary for treatment to be done. At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic, we usually recommend sedation dentistry for children who have a fear of visiting the dentist. The child will be given just the right amount of sedation to keep them relaxed and anxiety-free. 

Most children come out of treatment with an enjoyable experience due to sedation dentistry. We also offer sedation dentistry for people who have a low tolerance for pain. Having a low pain tolerance can make you shift and move a lot during dental treatment which is why the dentist uses a sedative to relax the patient. Sedation dentistry is also ideal for people with a weak gag reflex. 

Since the gag reflex can interfere with oral surgery, it is best to keep the patient relaxed and unconscious.

Different ways that sedation is applied in the dental treatment:

The amount of sedative used in sedation dentistry usually depends on the dental procedure being carried out. Our dentist will select for you the most suitable method. Sedation can be done in one of three ways. The most common method is inhaled minimal sedation.

Inhaled minimal sedation

In this method, the dentist will use a gas mask that is connected to the sedative medication and place it on the mouth and nose. This method supplies only minimal sedation and can be monitored from the source of the gas. The gas is also less likely to have lasting effects and offers relaxation during dental treatment.

Oral sedation

Oral sedation is particular in the form of a medicinal pill. The dentist will provide a pill that is suitable for the procedure being undertaken whether it is a strong one or else a weak one. For this method, the dentist will have you take the pill earlier in order for effect to kick in just before dental treatment. Oral sedation is easier to monitor and alter.

IV moderate sedation

This form of sedation involves injecting the sedative medication into the bloodstream. It works much faster than other forms of sedation and also offers an easier way of monitoring the amount of sedation being induced. Visit us today and get the best sedation dentistry in the city.

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