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Periodontal Treatment Encino, CA


What you can get from periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment is a key dental procedure in general dentistry. A periodontist is concerned with improving the health of your gums and also alleviating gum disease. At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic, we offer top-notch periodontal services for both adults and children. 

Most of the time, we provide periodontal treatment alongside other dental treatments. For instance, before getting dental implants, our dentist will have to first offer periodontic treatment since the gums play a key role in supporting dental implants. Generally, periodontal treatment is very beneficial to your oral health and should not be disregarded.

Common periodontal services and procedures

Periodontal treatment involves various dental procedures. A periodontist is expected to have multiple skills in dentistry that will ensure they perform dental treatment in a necessary manner. During training, a periodontist normally goes for an additional three years in specialization for non-surgical treatments and also plastic surgery treatment. At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic, you can get various different periodontic procedures. One of the most common periodontic services we offer is laser treatment.

Laser treatment

Laser technology has various applications in modern day dentistry. Owing to the ease of operation of laser machines as well as the efficiency they provide, laser dentistry may soon be the best form of dental treatment.

At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic, we normally apply laser therapy in treating a gummy smile. A gummy smile is simply an over-exposed smile which shows more of the gum than the teeth. 

A gummy smile makes your smile look off. Our periodontist can use laser technology to reduce the amount of gum that is visible. First, the dentist will apply some anesthesia to your gums to reduce pain during the procedure. After that, the dentist focuses the laser light on the gum and reshapes the entire gum.

Dental implants

Periodontal treatment also involves the surgical fitting of dental implants. When it comes to tooth replacement, dental implants may be the best option for you. Given that a periodontist has undergone training for surgical dentistry, they can easily perform a dental implant procedure. 

At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic, we offer various types of dental implants each with their specific advantages. Our dentist will help you prefer the best dental implants for your dental issue.

Gum graft surgery

A gum graft surgery refers to a procedure where the dentist removes some of the mouth tissue and places it on the gum. We normally recommend this procedure for people with receded gums. 

When your gums begin to reduce in quantity, it is always best to visit a periodontist for a gum graft surgery. Visit us today for the best periodontal treatment in the city.

Preventive periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment focuses on the health of the gums. A periodontist will help prevent any gum infections from being contracted hence preserving your dental health. 

On top of that, the periodontist can also offer guidelines on how to maintain good oral health in order to reduce tendencies that worsen your dental health.

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