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Oral cancer Encino, CA

Oral cancer screening

What you require to know about Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer is a fatal condition that can cause other complex dental and physical issues. Getting oral cancer screening is very important for your general health. We recommend visiting a dentist at least twice a year for oral cancer screening in order to avoid any prolonged health issues due to the failure of early treatment. 

At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic, we perform cancer screening which is aimed at treating oral cancer at a near the beginning stage when it can be easily treated. An oral cancer examination can be done alongside other oral treatments. Depending on the situation of your oral health, the dentist may opt to do a full screening for dental complications including oral cancer. Visit us today and get the best cancer screening services in the city.

Does everyone need to get oral cancer examination?

Oral cancer examination is very important in preventing oral cancer before it occurs. Some people are usually born with a predisposition to cancerous cells. For such people, we recommend getting an oral cancer screening regularly to reduce the risk of getting cancer later on. There are also some people who are exposed to risk factors of oral cancer. Smoking, minimal radiation and use of some chemical products can accelerate the rate of oral cancer. 

In such cases, it is forever best to go for cancer screening. While these risk factors do not mean that you will get oral cancer, it is always best to prevent before treating. For people who perform not have any risk factors of oral cancer, it may be difficult to contract the cancerous cells. Nonetheless, preserving your oral health is very important hence the need for an oral cancer examination.

How is oral cancer examination performed?

Oral cancer examination does not need any special preparations. In fact, the procedure is usually done on the same day, but if treatment is necessary, the dentist may have to schedule some treatment procedures on later dates. During the screening, our dentist will first check the insides of your mouth for sores and red patches. 

The dentist will continue to check for any lumps on the inner mouth tissues. The dentist may request you to remove your dentures before starting the procedure since some sores may be unseen with dentures on. If there are no abnormalities detected, the dentist will conclude the examination and schedule another one where necessary. If the dentist detects any lumps or sores, he may have to perform additional tests to affirm the underlying cause of the abnormality.

Shortcomings of oral cancer screening

Oral cancer screening may sometimes be ineffective in finding the cause of mouth sores. If the dentist is uncertain whether mouth sores are caused by cancerous cells, he may have to perform additional tests to find the underlying dental condition. Oral cancer screening may also be ineffective in detecting all kinds of cancerous growths. 

Since the dentist only does a physical examination without using special dental equipment, he may miss some irregularities in the mouth. Nonetheless, oral screen cancer is important in preventing the growth of cancerous cells to fatal extents.

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