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Everything you need to know about dental night guards

Night guards are a special kind of mouth protection dental appliance that is used to prevent damage to the teeth and gums as you sleep. Night guards are a preventive type of dental treatment that is normally applied as a means of preventing damage to the teeth as you sleep.

 At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic, we offer night guards for both adults and children. Depending on the harshness of your issue, our dentist will determine whether a night guard is the best solution for your dental issue. Visit us today and get the best night guard treatment and diagnosis.

Can anyone get dental night guards?

Both children and adults can benefit from night guards. Sometimes, the dentist may include a night guard as an additional treatment in dentistry. This helps ensure 24-hour dental treatment on your part. We usually recommend dental night guards for people who have a grinding problem. 

Teeth grinding can affect the state of the teeth and over time can lead to dental complications like sensitive teeth and cracked or chipped teeth. The night guard helps to protect the teeth from excess pressure as you grind teeth during sleep. People who have a mouth injury may also be prescribed with night guards. This will help prevent worsening of the dental injury.

Are night guards okay to use if you have braces on?

Yes, you can. According to our dentists, night guards can be used to prevent any harm from happening on the braces. Since braces are sensitive and also very costly to repair, it is important to protect them at all costs. Other dental appliances are also compatible with night guards. If in doubt, consult your dentist today to know whether you can get night guards on top of an existing dental appliance.

Caring for your night guards

Our dentist at Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic will provide you with some guidelines on how to care for your night guards. The most important thing to do is regularly wash your night guards before and after use. You should clean it according to the dentist’s instructions in order to prevent any damage to the dental appliance. Storing of the night guards should be done in a tough perforated container. 

However, depending on the material of the night guard, different storing methods may be used. For acrylic night guards, for example, you should dip them in fresh, clean water before using them again. It is essential to also regularly check the night guards for any dents or general wear. You can schedule a dental visit with us to know whether the night guard is still operational.

Benefits of night guards

A dental night guard will help you maintain healthy sleep patterns. Since you won’t be grinding your teeth so much, you are bound to enjoy better sleep. Also, night guards act as a protective element in future tooth complications. 

By using night guards, you won’t have to go for treatment later on for teeth grinding since the issue will be resolved. Night guards protect the health of your tooth and help in maintaining good oral health.

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