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Invisalign® Encino, CA

The Invisalign® Process

Benefits of getting Invisalign treatment in Encino:

Invisalign is a dental appliance that is used to reconstruct the positioning of your teeth and give you a better smile. In most cases, we use Invisalign for cosmetic treatment and not general dental treatment.

Invisalign is a modern type of dental treatment which offers a convenience that other tooth reconstruction procedures do not. The tool is designed in a dental lab where the dentist takes up a vigorous consultation where he gets to know your expectations of treatment. 

During this consultation, the dentist will ensure he takes into account all the new changes you want on your teeth. Getting Invisalign can significantly change your dental structure. Visit us today at Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic and get the best out of Invisalign treatment.

Customized treatment plan

In Invisalign treatment, the dentist has to design and create the Invisalign in a dental lab before giving them for fitting. At Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic, we use robust scanning technology to get the full scale of your dental structure. After that, our dentist will check for any dental issues that may hinder fitting of the Invisalign aligners. If none, the dentist sets to designing the dental piece. 

After the design is made, the dentist will contact you and show you what your Invisalign will look like through digital imaging technology. After this, the dentist takes the design to a dental lab where the Invisalign is made and polished for your exact teeth. Visit us today to get the best treatment experience with Invisalign.


They are easy on the gums

Invisalign is applied to help reposition teeth and eliminate any crowded, crooked or uneven teeth. Unlike other tooth repositioning methods like braces and aligners, Invisalign cannot harm your gums. The dental device is made of a special type of tough plastic which is easy on both your gums and teeth. 

Although sometimes it may feel like the Invisalign is pressing hard against the teeth causing pain; that is just how they produce change on the teeth. Our dentist can prescribe pain relief medication for such situations.

Easier movement of your jaws

Invisalign are quite small and compact making them fit exactly in your mouth. The fact that the dental appliance is custom made makes it most convenient for your dental structure. 

With recent advancement in technology, dental scientists have come up with better ways of designing Invisalign to focus directly on the tooth positioning without affecting other areas like jaw movement. 

Since the Invisalign are small and have no space between the piece and the teeth, they provide easy movement of the jaws giving you a better dental experience.

They are invisible

The best thing about Invisalign Encino is that no one will ever know that you have the dental appliance on. Invisalign is made of a clear plastic which is hard to see from a distance. 

This makes it very convenient for people who think braces can damage their reputation yet they still want reconstructive dental treatment. In most cases, Invisalign acts as a substitute for braces in both adult and adolescent dental patients.

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