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Initial Oral Examination Encino, CA

Philip Farzad DDS on 10/8/18.

Components of an Initial oral examination

By Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic, we offer top-notch dental consultation and oral examination. When you first come into our dental office, a competent dentist will meet you to address your dental issue. For dental issues that require surgical procedures, we usually schedule a later date for dental treatment. 

This is because such procedures require various dental procedures and preparation before they can be fully complete. An initial oral examination is very crucial in dental treatment. Before the dentist can treat any of your dental issues, they have to first understand the problem in order to provide suitable treatment measures. In some cases, you can get dental treatment on the same day of oral examination. This helps save several valuable time.

Screening and assessment

When you visit a dental clinic for the first time, the dentist has to perform a dental screening to determine whether you are fit to be treated at that dental facility. Screening and assessment is a necessary procedure that is done to provide you with the best dental services for your specific dental condition.

If you visit a dental clinic that does not offer the services you require, the dental screening will help allocate you to more proficient dental professionals and facilities. We usually perform dental screening for children since their dental issues require pediatric assistance and not regular dentistry.

X-ray and scanning

During an initial oral examination, you should expect the use of X-rays in determining your dental issue. For facial injuries, biting problems and uneven teeth or jaws, we normally perform an X-ray in order to find the problem therein. Such dental conditions are usually assessed and treated by an orthodontist or an oral surgeon since they are well trained in such areas. 

From the X-ray images, the dentist helps you see the problem and is also able to construct a treatment plan that is focused on readjusting the irregularities. We discourage dental patients from getting more than one X-ray frequently due to health hazards. If available, the dentist may ask you to bring X-rays from previous dental examinations.

Treatment planning

In cosmetic dentistry, an initial oral examination is very important for one major reason; planning treatment. Treatment in cosmetic dentistry is usually tuned towards the customer’s expectations meaning the cosmetic dentist will try in so distant as possible to give the patient their desired results. 

During the initial oral examination, our cosmetic dentist will observe your teeth and check on how they can be improved. The dentist will take you through the procedures involved and ask for your consent to begin treatment.

Payment agreement

During the initial oral examination, our dentist will address any payment matters early enough. If you intend on paying through your insurance, you should tell the dentist beforehand in order to streamline the procedure. During the consultation, the dentist will tell you of all the procedures you will undergo and also provide you a rough estimate of the cost. Visit us today and enjoy the best dental treatment in the city.

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