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Encino, CA Dental Extractions


Different types of Encino dental extractions

Dental extractions are very common in general dentistry. Extractions can either be done solely or alongside other dental treatments. At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic, we offer dental extractions for various different reasons that are mostly based on a holistic method of treatment. You can get tooth extractions for both adults and children.

Tooth extraction is an easy procedure that can take only a single day to fully complete. However, depending on the number of teeth being extracted, the procedure may take longer than expected. Dental extractions are usually done when other types of treatment are unavailable or less effective in the present situation.

Visit us today at Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic and get the best treatment for dental extraction.

Types of dental extractions

The positioning of the tooth will determine which type of dental extraction to be done. Most dental extractions, however, are usually simple and straightforward.

Simple dental extraction

As the name suggests, this kind of dental extraction is simple and very quick to complete. Simple extractions are usually performed when the dentist can view the entire tooth. This is usually common for front teeth and sometimes premolars.

During the procedure, our dentist will first inject you with moderate sedation which should help you feel no pain or discomfort during treatment. After that, the dentist will locate the tooth that needs to be extracted and dislodge it using special dental equipment.

The dentist will then pick out the tooth using dental forceps and place it aside. The dentist will then help you to rinse your mouth to ensure that none of the debris from the procedure is left in the mouth.

Surgical tooth extraction

Surgical tooth extraction is the other type of tooth extraction. Surgical extraction involves removing a tooth that cannot be seen entirely from the mouth. This procedure is usually done for molars and wisdom teeth that cannot be easily accessed from the outside of the mouth.

Surgical tooth extractions usually require the expertise of an oral surgeon or an orthodontist to successfully accomplish. During the procedure, our dentist will first induce some general anesthesia to eliminate pain. After that, the dentist will locate the tooth and determine how deep it is inside the gum base.

The dentist will then cut out some of the gum and underlying jawbone in order to reach the base of the tooth crown. Once there, it is much easier to dislodge and pick the tooth from the dental structure. The dentist then washes the area and leaves the area to heal.

Post-extraction dental care

After tooth extraction, it is important to allow the wound to heal to avoid any dental infections. Good oral hygiene will help keep the extraction site free of bacteria that may enter the bloodstream and cause physical infections.

When brushing, it is important to apply as little pressure as possible on the site of extraction to avoid destroying the blood clot that forms. Also, chewing on hard substance sis discouraged lest you injure the site of extraction. Visit us today and get the best dental extraction services in the city.

  • Facial swelling
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Gum swelling

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