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Benefits of getting dentures

Dentures are a dental appliance that is usually used to cover natural teeth for aesthetic purposes. Dentures are available in different types, sizes, and materials. Depending on your dental issue, our dentist will help you find the most suitable denture for you. 

At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic we offer denture treatment both for cosmetic purposes and general treatment. Visit us today and get the best denture treatment in the city. Getting dentures can be quite beneficial to your dental health and structure in many different ways. Below are a small number of the advantages you can get after getting dentures fitted at our dental clinic.

Preventing bone loss

Tooth loss eventually leads to bone loss. For a strong and sufficient dental structure, the jawbone has to be stimulated by growing teeth. As the teeth grow and move, the jaw bone becomes more engaged in the teeth’s function and maintains a moderate quantity of bone for support. 

However, if your teeth are missing, the jawbone deteriorates slowly leaving behind a weak and insufficient structure. This is what leads to a sagged face which is normally associated with old people without teeth. Dentures can help restore the jawbone by providing reinforced support in the dental structure.

Avoiding crooked teeth

Gaps left in between teeth can lead to poor growth and alignment of teeth which makes your smile look bad. As you bite and chew, the teeth that do not have adjacent support due to missing teeth may begin being pushed towards the empty space. Over time, the tooth becomes slanted or crooked. 

Dentures can help support remaining teeth by eliminating those spaces left by missing teeth. By covering these gaps on your teeth, the dentures ensure proper growth and movement of your teeth. Depending on the nature of your current teeth, our dentist will provide suitable dentures that are custom made to eliminate your specific dental issue. Visit us today and get the best denture treatment in the city.

Avoids eating problems

Having a missing tooth can affect how you eat. If the missing tooth is a molar or premolar, you may have to change the way you eat to enjoy your meal. However, dentures enable you to chew freely without worrying about your missing teeth. With the right dentures, you can feel like your teeth have been permanently replaced. Of course, our dentist uses special digital scanning and imaging technology to develop the most convenient and beneficial denture for you.

Cost and convenience

A denture is one of the few methods that are extremely affordable yet offer great convenience to the wearer. Unlike other dental procedures, dentures don’t cost a lot since the dentist does not replace the tooth entirely. Also, you may choose from a range of dentures for one which is best suited for you. 

With dentures, you won’t have to keep getting them repaired. If you follow the proper instructions on how to store them, clean them and put them on given by your dentist, then you shouldn’t worry about the dental appliances.

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