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Why you may need dental crowns and bridges

Tooth restoration is a very common procedure in dental treatment. In most of our tooth restoration treatments, most patients seek cosmetic dentistry which is focused on improving the general appearance of the individual.

Dental crowns & bridges are dental appliances that are used to replace missing teeth or restore the functionality of teeth.

 At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic we provide various cosmetic procedures to suit any of your dental needs. We usually use dental crowns for protecting the tooth and preserving the patient’s oral health. Visit us today and get the best out of dental treatment.

Reasons for getting dental crowns and bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges are used for both cosmetic and general dental treatment. What’s more, you do not have in the direction of worry about the procedure of getting dental crowns and bridges. Unlike other surgical, dental treatments, getting dental crowns is not entirely painful. Actually, you can leave the dental office and start working normally the next day. One of the most common reasons intended for getting a dental crown or dental bridge is tooth replacement.

Tooth replacement

Tooth replacement is one of the general common dental issues presented in our dental clinic. When it comes to tooth replacement, you have a lot of options to choose from including both surgical and non-surgical procedures. If a single tooth is missing, then we recommend getting a dental crown. 

During treatment, our dentist will place the porcelain dental crown accurately on the gum where the missing tooth is and sticks it with a strong adhesive. The crown acts just like a normal tooth. If it is more than one missing tooth, then our dentists recommend getting a dental bridge. A dental bridge is placed over a gap in the teeth to act as a hard surface for upper or lower teeth to chew on. It offers great convenience for people who have undergone tooth loss. Visit us today at Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic and get the best tooth replacement.

Protecting your teeth

For people with weak and insufficient teeth, we normally recommend getting dental crowns & bridges to help protect your teeth from harm. A dental crown is placed greater than the tooth to reinforce the tooth in the event of an injury. Depending on your dental issue, our dentist will provide the best and most durable form of a dental crown. Dental bridges are also used to protect your teeth and gums from bacteria. Gaps left between teeth can store a lot of bacteria that eventually cause an infection in your mouth. A dental bridge helps to eliminate any spaces left between teeth by covering the entire gum area.

For cosmetic purposes

Getting dental crowns & Bridges can also be done purely for cosmetic purposes. Are you tired of your teeth being discolored, yellowed or stained? Then dental crowns just might be the ideal solution for you. A dental crown can conceal a displeasing tooth and showcase a porcelain white tooth enamel. Our cosmetic dentists are well skilled in a wide array of cosmetic dental procedures to suit any of your dental needs.

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