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Cosmetic Smile Makeovers Encino, CA


Common procedures incorporated in smile makeovers

Cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly growing branch of general dentistry. It involves using dental procedures to improve the look and appearance of the dental patient. Cosmetic dentistry involves various different procedures that are combined to bring about the desired effect on the dental patient.

At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic we offer various forms of cosmetic dentistry including smile makeovers. A cosmetic smile makeover refers to a dental process of improving the appearance of the smile through cosmetic dentistry. The procedure requires a change of various different facial features.

Which areas are changed in smile makeovers?

Cosmetic smile makeovers focus on creating a general appearance that is good and appealing. During treatment, our dentist will take a lot into account in order to give you that generalized service. Your hair color is one of the things that is considered. Although the cosmetic dentist won’t try to change the color of your hair, he might tune the shade of the teeth to match with your hair color.

Your teeth will also need to be changed or altered to match any newly fitted teeth. The cosmetic dentist will assess the tooth height, tooth shade, shape, and width to determine the most suitable cosmetic procedures. During dental consultation, our dentist will engage you in your expectations of treatment and come up with a specialized cosmetic treatment plan for you.

Types of procedures in smile makeovers

Cosmetic smile makeovers involve various different cosmetic procedures for the final result to be achieved. One of the procedures that cannot be left out in smile makeovers is teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening refers to improving the shade of the teeth to make them stain free and white as their original shade. At Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic, we offer teeth whitening services in various different ways. Owing to the advancement in technology, there is laser dentistry today that can be used to whiten teeth in an easier and more effective way. Depending on the shade of your teeth, our cosmetic dentist will decide how long to do the teeth whitening. In some cases, the dentist may opt for more holistic methods of treatment to avoid endangering your dental health.

Teeth realignment

Teeth realignment is an orthodontic procedure that is done to make the teeth straight again. We usually recommend this type of treatment for people with biting problems, crowded teeth or issues with the evenness of their teeth. Teeth realignment may necessitate getting dental appliances on your teeth like braces or invisible aligners. We usually perform teeth realignment for smile makeovers in order to ensure the teeth are well shaped and arranged for a neat smile.

Fuller Lips

As you grow older, your lips tend to reduce in quantity making you have small lips. Getting fuller lips can help improve your smile immensely. For one, you will have white teeth coupled with attractive lips. For this procedure, we normally perform oral surgery where the oral surgeon uses special dental equipment to change the size of the lips.

Tooth removal

A smile makeover may necessitate removing your teeth for better dental replacements to be placed. If you would like to get dental implants, then tooth removal has to be done so that suitable implants can be inserted.

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