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Why you should get all on 6 implants today

When it comes to dental implants, most people are unfamiliar with the types and methods of dental implants. You may find someone visiting the dentist without knowing which dental implant is most ideal for their dental situation. Here at Philip Farzad, DDS dental clinic we offer various types of dental implant surgery. 

Through a detailed consultation session, our dentist will be able to assign the best implants for you. One of the most requested implants is all on 6 implants. All on six implants are tough dental implants that are placed to replace a whole set of teeth. 

Instead of getting single implants for all your teeth which may end up being very costly, you can opt for all on 6 implants which offer more convenience and are less expensive. Thousands of people throughout the country have benefited immensely from the all on six implants owing to their improved quality.

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Benefits of all on six dental implants

Getting all on six implants can be the difference between a frustrating dental experience and an enjoyable one. In most cases, dental treatment leaves you with plenty of healing wounds which need time to heal fully. For all on 6 implants, however, you won’t need to wait so long for the area to heal. Since the pressure of the implants is divided into six different implants, the procedure requires less time to recover fully. 

Also, all on six implants do not require bone grafting. Since the implants are placed on the strongest areas of the jaw, a bone graft may not be necessary. All on six implants are designed to act as normal teeth. This is why they are permanently stuck on the gum of the dental structure. They offer more comfort as compared to removable dentures. Visit us today and get the best out of all on 6 implants.

What to expect during all on six implant surgery

Our dental specialists provide top-notch dental services when it comes to all on six implant surgery. Generally, the whole treatment process may take no more than three months for you to be able to use your teeth freely. Our dentists recommend keeping the implants from harm and damage until they are fully healed and ready for use. The actual process of fitting them all on six implants takes only a single dental session.

However, you will first have on the way to go through a consultation session in order for our dentist to design the perfect dental implants for your dental structure.

Post-procedure care

After treatment, our dentist will provide precautionary measures for preserving the prosthetic tooth until it fully heals. In some cases, you may feel some discomfort and swelling some days after the procedure. This is usually common and can last up to a week. 

However, if the pain persists, you can contact our dentist to get pain relief medication. Regular visits to the dentist are important to check on the efficiency of the implants and also to avert any dental complications that may hinder healing.

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