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Philip Farzad DDS

Encino dentist

At Philip Farzad DDS clinic we have one really qualified Encino dentist. Dr. Philip Farzad is a highly qualified dentist who is capable of handling any of your dental problems. Dr. Philip has have acquired good dentistry knowledge during his dentistry studies. Further, the dentist has acquired good experience and good skills in dentistry practice. From reviews given by previous clients handled by Dr. Philip, it is clear that he is the best dentist in and around Encino. We have no doubt of his capability in dentistry practice. We have observed how he does his work, and he is just the best dentist you will want to interact with. Dr. Philip offers the following dentistry services:

General dentistry

Dr. Philip is offering dentistry services to all people regardless of age. If your child has oral health complications, simply bring him or her for examination and treatment. We do treat adults as well as elderly people. The highest number of patients that we receive normally are aged people. It is obvious that aged people have old teeth.

The Encino dentist simply extracts the old teeth and replace with artificial ones. Children’s teeth are as well exposed to tooth decay. This is due to the kind of foods that they consume. For the decayed tooth our dentist simply extracts or fills the cavities after cleaning them. Screening is one of the general dentistry procedures that we offer at our clinic as well. Dental screening is important as early detected complications can be easily treated using less sophisticated procedures.

Cosmetic dentistry

Encino dentist Dr. Philip is also well known for offering cosmetic dentistry. Our aim and objective of offering this kind of dentistry are to ensure that each of our patient who visits our clinic gets out smiling.

You can only have that perfect smile that you want if your teeth are whitened or aligned. We ensure that your teeth structure and shape is restored or even perfected. We have the most recent equipment used by Encino dentist to offer fast and perfect cosmetic dentistry. You should not doubt our cosmetic dentistry services. We use purely holistic procedures. Thus, you will not suffer from any complication after the treatment is done.

Quality care

First, Encino dentist offers personalized and customized services. This means that once you visit us, you must first go through the consultation process. Our dentist is very friendly, he will make you feel at home.

He will also explain to you the whole procure that you will undergo. He will tell you about the risks, and finally, he will advise you on good dental hygiene practices. We have a tv set that keeps our clients relaxed as they wait for their turn to see the dentist.

Your happiness is our priority, and that is why we are offering the best dentistry services to you. Encino dentist, dr. Philip is always available to offer quality dental care to you and your family. We offer good oral health treatment to make your family happy.

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