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Having good teeth positioning makes you have a really good smile

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Invisalign Encino

Having good teeth positioning makes you have a really good smile. Invisalign Encino treatment aligns your teeth by reconstructing and positioning. At Philip Farzad dads we have the Invisalign tools in our dental lab. Before we align your teeth, we first get to hear your expectations. Based on the dental structure that you want, we then go ahead and align your teeth using appropriate Invisalign. From experience, we have seen many clients whose dental structures changed significantly after the treatment. If you are looking for the best Invisalign near you, then Philip Farzad dads are the place to visit. There are so many beneficial reasons why you should get your teeth aligned by Invisalign Encino. They include the following:

Personalized and customized treatment

Once you visit our clinic and you need your teeth aligned, we will first take you through the consultation process. Once we know the kind of structure you require, we then scan your dental structure. We do scan for each patient for us to design the right Invisalign for you before fitting. Invisalign Encino treatment is indeed personalized and customized. Once we have designed the Invisalign, we show it to you by using digital imaging technology. We further ensure that you do not have any dental problem that can prevent Invisalign dental treatment.

Invisalign does not harm the gums

Invisalign is known to be the friendliest teeth alignment method compared to the other methods. Invisalign Encino uses this method to align crowded, uneven and crocked teeth. Invisalign is made of hard plastic material which is safe for teeth and gums. To ensure that you feel no pain, we prescribe for you painkillers to ease the pain. Sometimes you can feel pain as the teeth are getting in position.

Invisalign is invisible

This is the reason that makes Invisalign Encino the best alignment method. You cannot notice the Invisalign once they are fixed. The material used to make the Invisalign is a clear plastic that is hard to notice from far. This tooth aligning method has helped those people who do not want to expose their crooked teeth. Most adults do not want visible aligners like the braces and thus opting for Invisalign. We have had so many patients who prefer Invisalign. We at Philip Farzad are the concern about your preferences, and we love to give you just what you want.

Easy jaw movement

Invisalign Encino is compact and fits nicely to your jaw. Since we do design Invisalign that fits your dental structure, it will be comfortable when fitted. Since we follow holistic procedures when fitting Invisalign, we ensure that it does not affect other parts. With the help of advanced technology, our dentist can design Invisalign that positions the teeth without affecting the jaw. This is why you can move your jaw easily. The Invisalign that we design are small and are attached with the teeth hence giving an easy jaw movement. Visit us today and get assured of a good smile after your teeth have been aligned.

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