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Are you in need of a perfect dentist Woodland Hills experience that is capable of taking care of your dental health and ensuring you maintain a healthy smile always?

Dentist Encino is an ideal option for you. We are a board certified practice with offices in Woodland Hills among other areas. We are a qualified establishment that has been offering dental solutions for residents of Woodland Hills and surrounding areas for many years now.

Our procedures have been successful, with the much positive feedback we’ve received from our patients and their smiles of fulfillment that they have left our clinics with.

We offer both cosmetic and general dentistry options for our patients as we aspire to keep your dental health at its optimum.

Teeth Extractions

There is need to have an experienced oral surgeon working on you when it comes to teeth extractions. That is why we have none but the best dentist Woodland Hills has to offer, available for you.

When it comes to teeth extractions, the dentist has first to establish the number of teeth to be removed as well as the cause for their removal. Most cases that end with extraction are those of teeth decay that reaches the point of damaging too much of the affected tooth. Healthy adults sometimes also need extractions especially when it comes to the time of growth of wisdom teeth, the last set of molars. Sometimes these molars lack enough space to sprout, and they end up getting partly impacted in the patient’s gum. This causes pain and discomfort and the best solution we recommend is extraction.

During the extraction, depending on the number of teeth and other procedures involved, you may be put under general or local anesthesia.

Under general anesthesia you are completely unconscious while local anesthesia only numbs you but keeps you awake.

Dental Implants

After you have lost your natural teeth, whether through extractions or accidents, it is important to get replacements to cover the gaping holes and restore functionality. Dental implants are metallic objects that are surgically inserted in the jawbone to take the place of the roots.

With time they bond with the jawbone providing a firm foundation for application of replacement crowns. This provides an effective method to replace lost teeth.


Veneers are thin strips that are placed on the front surface of the teeth and fixed using adhesives. The veneers are meant to hide stains in teeth as well as cover issues of misalignments, as well as fractured crowns.

Veneers are a simple yet efficient solution for patients having issues of appearance due to dental complications. The veneers are manufactured at our clinic after the dentist gets the specifications of your teeth, with each veneer being custom made for each tooth to solve its specific defects.


No matter what your dental concern may be, do not shy away from seeking expert opinion. You can consult us today for an opportunity to speak to one of our staff,

after which an effective treatment option will be recommended for you.

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