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Dentist Encino is the best dentist West LA has to offer. We are a board-certified dental practice dedicated to providing you with the best dental service available and ensuring that your dental and oral health remain at their optimum. 

Many of our qualified dentists have been practicing dentistry for many years, some of them more than ten, and they are thus experienced in most of the treatments for common dental complications. The advancements in technology have also computerized some of our procedures which is leading to higher quality in our work.

The positive feedback we’ve been receiving from satisfied customers is proof of our excellent work. Our goal is to raise a healthy society of smiling individuals that are driven by confidence. Dental health goes a long way in achieving this.

Teeth Whitening

The most common procedure we have currently is that of teeth whitening. Our dentists offer both home – use bleaches as well as in-clinic teeth whitening procedures.

The in-clinic procedure is a new technology that makes use of lasers in eliminating the stains in the teeth and achieving that desired smile characterized by the natural color of teeth. The laser treatment is highly effective, and its effects are achieved in just an hour.

This means that you can walk into our practice during lunch hour and walk back to work a truly transformed being with your new smile as proof for it. The procedure is non-invasive, and you do not have to worry about pain. There is none of it.

Apart from the laser treatment which our dentists recommend for the very stubborn stains, we also have bleaches that you can buy and use at home. The effect is the same as the laser method only that it will take longer to achieve, mostly 2 – 3 weeks.


Veneers are another common treatment available in our dentist West LA package. This is a treatment option for patients of fractured teeth, discolored crowns, basically, complications affecting the outward appearance of your teeth.

Veneers are simple thin appliances that are designed to fit the affected tooth and they are placed on the front surface of the tooth. That way, the defect with the tooth is corrected, and you are able to comfortably talk and smile in public without the constant fear of appearing unnatural or funny.


Our dentists also perform teeth extraction procedures on affected patients. This is a common procedure in adults who experience impacted wisdom teeth in the early youthful stages of life.

The condition may arise due to lack of enough space for the wisdom too to sprout and the effect of this is pain and discomfort for the patient. Besides this case, patients with badly damaged teeth also sometimes require extractions to solve the condition. Once an extraction has been recommended for you, there is no need to worry about it. Under our care the operation will be as comfortable for you as possible.

You will be administered with anesthesia for pain, and with our equipment and qualified staff, you can be sure of a successful procedure with minimum adverse effects.

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