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Are you a resident of Tarzana or its surrounding areas and how is your dental health?

If you need a qualified and experienced dentist to have as your reliable professional to keep your dental health in check, you have found the right track.

Dentist Encino is a skilled practice with board-certified practitioners and approved procedures meant to keep your dental health at its optimum always. No matter the extent of your concern and dental ailment, you can be sure of the best dentist Tarzana experience.


As much as we try to avoid teeth extractions and opt for other treatment options, sometimes no alternative is available save for extractions.

This is especially the case in badly damaged teeth due to decay or physical trauma. Besides that, many adults also experience impacted wisdom teeth which cause a lot of pain and discomfort in affected regions. Such cases are only treatable by extractions, and it is important to have a qualified as well as experienced dentist performing such a procedure on you.

Our dentist Tarzana begins his procedure by numbing the area to avoid pain during the procedure. Depending on the nature of the operation, that is, the number of teeth to be extracted as well as subsequent procedures, you may be put under local or general anesthesia. In local anesthesia you are awake during the procedure, while under general anesthesia you are completely unconscious.

Root Canals

Sometimes, an infection on the tooth will advance to the point that it reaches the center of the tooth, the pulp, a region having many nerves. It is at this stage that you begin to experience sharp pains that cause a lot of discomfort while eating or taking liquids.

To solve this condition, our dentist cleans the area to get rid of the decay and stop the infection from spreading. They will also cut the nerve to “kill” the tooth. That way, the infection is curbed and the crown remains without the need for extraction. The damaged part may then be filled to retain the structure of the tooth.


Veneers are a cosmetic dental option meant to transform and improve your smile without the need for invasive and permanent surgical procedures.

Veneers are thin strips made of composite material that is placed on the front surface of teeth and fixed using adhesives, for them to portray the desired appearance of the teeth. Veneers are a simple treatment procedure that is able to transform your smile immediately, giving you a smile you desired in a single session. We recommend veneers for patients suffering from broken or fractured teeth, misaligned teeth, as well as stained teeth.


If you are in need of any dental procedure, or you have a query concerning your dental health, you are welcome to visit us any day. Ours is a 24 – hour running establishment which means your time of the call is not an issue for us. There will always be someone to listen to your concern and handle the recommended procedure for you.

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