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Dentist Encino could be the best dentist Sherman Oaks has to offer. They are a specialized dental practice with treatment options for cosmetic procedures as well as general family dentistry that serves any of your troubling dental concerns. Among the common procedures available at the establishment are – but not limited to – teeth implants, teeth extractions, teeth whitening, veneers, and general mouth wear. A few of the procedures have been discussed below to give you a basic understanding of what to expect when you visit us.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to have those white teeth that make our smiles appear bright and gleaming. However, with our daily diets of foods and drinks that constantly stain our teeth, this appears to be an unachievable prospect.

However, with the recent laser technology that has been approved for practice in medicine, these stains can be gotten rid of, to return the teeth to their natural white color. This is one procedure that our dentist Sherman Oaks currently offers.

When you visit our practice, regardless of how badly discolored you teeth will have been, you can be sure to leave showing off a new smile o white teeth. We also have alternative options of home use bleaches that you can also buy from us and apply them yourself while at home. These are also effective, and they will remove some of the undesired stains from your teeth. However, with home bleaches, the effect will take a bit longer to achieve, about 2 – 3 weeks.


These are a practical solution for a couple of dental complications that could be affecting your appearance.

These are the likes of stained teeth, misaligned teeth, fractured and broken crowns. These are all common occurrences that you may find yourself in, and they are bound to make you feel uneasy in your social and public relations. Veneers are simple appliances made of composite matter that are designed to look like the tooth. They are a few millimeters thick, and they are placed on the front surface of the tooth to mask its defects.

Since they are the same color as teeth, they perfectly blend in, and no one can differentiate them from the other teeth. That way, you can comfortably smile at work without fearing that you have the unnatural and ridiculous look that many dental conditions cause.

Deep Teeth Cleanings

We also offer thorough teeth cleaning to our patients. Proper dental hygiene is key to not only maintaining a fresh breath, which is important, but also preventing common dental complications. We advise our patients to schedule regular appointments, about one every four months for deep teeth cleanings. It is not possible to remove all the particles from the teeth after meals even after brushing and flossing. This is especially in those parts that are hard to reach by brush. Patients of braces could also have a hard time brushing their teeth at home.

Our deep cleanings are meant to solve this concern for you and with our equipment and experienced hands, you can be sure to maintain optimum teeth cleanliness and health.

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