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Dentist Calabasas

Are you looking to improve your smile?

Maybe you are beginning to notice stains on your teeth that are making you shy away from smiling, or you recently lost a tooth in an accident or brawl, or maybe you need a reliable dentist for your regular check-ups. Well, Dentist Encino is a qualified dental practice dedicated to keeping you all smiles. Your teeth are our priority concern, and your satisfied smile is the thank-you gift we get from you. If you are in Calabasas or its surrounding areas, visit our practice today for modern dental procedures and the best dentist Calabasas has to offer.

Teeth hygiene

Teeth hygiene is key to ensuring your dental health remains at its optimum. Our dentists acknowledge this for a fact, and they advise their patients on measures of proper cleaning of the teeth. We also do schedule thorough and deep cleanings of teeth for our patients where we get rid of any substances and bits of food that may not have been removed during regular brushing.

Our dentist Calabasas experience also involves teeth cleanings for patients with braces as they may have a hard time trying to clean the teeth by themselves. This also provides the opportunity to remove any stuck foods in between the braces thus ensuring hygiene.


Though no one likes the idea of losing a natural tooth, some dental complications sometimes lead to that. This is the case in most tooth decay cases and even more often in adults with impacted wisdom teeth. Whatever the cause of your need for extraction, you can be sure to be in good hands at our dental practice.

Once our dentist has examined your case, you will be injected with anesthesia to numb the area, after which the extraction is done. With the use of modern equipment and medicine at our establishment, you can be sure of a comfortable procedure with minimum pain.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are by far the most effective solutions for missing teeth. Our dentist is a qualified practitioner with implant surgery being one of his specialties.

Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically inserted in your jawbone where they are expected to bond with it permanently, and that way provide support for placement of replacement crowns or dentures. With our implant treatments, you can continue enjoying the benefits of natural teeth, both in functionality and appearance. What’s more, with proper care, the teeth replacements will last as long as the natural teeth would.

Modern Equipment

Our establishment not only boasts of offering the latest and more effective treatments but we also have the equipment to support it. With our modern technology that involves the use of computer simulations in treatments as well as 3D scans in testing and diagnosis, you can be sure to get the best dental care from us. Whether you need cosmetic options to improve your teeth’s appearance, or you are looking to have general dentistry procedures, contact us today.

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