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Dental health is an important aspect of one’s life

Philip Farzad DDS on 10/8/18.

Dentist in Encino

Dental complications are an undesirable experience which is capable of causing both physical and psychological pain and discomfort. Dr. Philip is a qualified and certified dentist in Encino who has for a long time being treating dental complications and helping patients maintain dentally and overall well being. He is our resident dentist at our dental offices in Encino, and he performs a number of procedures to treat various teeth complications.


Orthodontics is the name what we call procedures that solve teeth misalignment issues. Dr. Philip Fazard, DDS install braces on patients’ teeth handling both adults and kids. Whether you prefer the traditional metal braces or the more recent invisible aligners, we have all options including mouth guards.

Teeth Whitening

Dr. Philip also does teeth whitening procedures for interested patients. With the laser technology we have equipped at our practice, the dentist can remove the undesired stains from your teeth in a single session. The procedure is done at the clinic, and it will last about an hour. We also have home bleaches that you can carry for your own treatment at home. Home bleaches take 2-3 weeks for effect to be achieved.

Teeth Extractions

This is another service that we offer at our clinic. Whether it is wisdom teeth extraction or the extraction of a damaged tooth for replacement, our centre is your best option. Our dentist will take you through the extraction with due care and diligence to make the experience suitable for you. You will be put on general or local anesthesia during the treatment to relieve you of the pain. The clinic also offers pain medications for patient use at home after teeth extraction.

Teeth Replacements

Sometimes damaged teeth have to be replaced with new ones so solve some dental complications.

Dr. Philip offers this service where depending on the patient’s preference they can choose between dentures and bridgework. The dentist also makes artificial crowns at the dental laboratory for patients undergoing such treatment.

Root Canal Therapy

This is an option that is recommended for patients that do not wish to lose their tooth by extraction. Of course, no one wants to lose any of their natural teeth if they do not have to. In root canal therapy, Dr. Philip does a procedure to cut off the root nerve of the tooth leaving it senseless. That way in case there was an infection it can be killed, and the patient can still have their tooth intact. The damaged tooth may have to be filled which the dentist does to restore the tooth’s structure and maintain its functionality.


These are thin strips that you wear on the front surface of your teeth to solve slight abnormalities such as stains and misalignments. Our dentist examines your teeth and prepares the veneers to be used in your condition.


We have artificial crowns for both kids and adult patients. Dr. Philip prepares the crowns in our lab after making a molding of your tooth. The crowns can be made of porcelain to achieve the natural teeth color thou we can also make metal or gold crowns which are preferred by some people.

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