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Common services you can get from a general dentist

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When it comes to dental health, most people do not have the appropriate concern to maintain a healthy dental structure. In fact, most people visit the dentist once they get a dental complication to get dental treatment. What people don’t know is that poor dental health can lead to other physical complications that are expensive to treat and take up a lot of valuable time. Visiting a dentist regularly can help improve your dental health and avoid further dental and physical complications.

At Philip Farzad DDS, we offer various dental treatments for both cosmetic and restorative purposes. Our pool of dental specialists is equipped to address any of your dental issues. You can get various benefits from visiting a dentist Encino. One of the major procedures that are offered by a general dentist is tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction

At Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic, we offer different types of tooth extraction. We usually recommend tooth extraction for people who have teeth that are no longer functional. Once a tooth has gotten a lot of decay, it may start causing dental pain which can stop you from engaging in other regular activities. If a tooth is causing unnecessary pain, the dentist may decide to extract it in order to eliminate the dental issue completely.

We offer tooth extraction services to children for milk teeth. Proper tooth extraction for children is necessary to prevent dental complications from occurring later on like biting conditions. Visit a dentist Encino today and get top-notch tooth extraction services.

Fixing broken teeth

A broken tooth can cause a lot of dental pain. If the tooth has broken close to the gum, you may experience bleeding hence requiring immediate treatment. Once your tooth breaks due to a dental accident, we recommend that you should visit an emergency Dentist Encino to get prompt and effective treatment. During treatment, our dentist will use composite bonding to restore the shape and size of the broken tooth.

The dentist first makes a paste out of the composite material. He then takes a small portion and applies it to the broken tooth to fill out the missing space. The paste is then dried using a strong light and left to harden. Once hardened, the dentist then polishes the tooth in order to even out the shade of the tooth. Visit us today for the best treatment for broken teeth.

Preventive procedures

Preserving your dental health is very important in preventing future dental complications. Biting problems and jaw disfigurement are mostly caused by poor dental practices during teeth growth. Going for preventive dentistry can greatly improve the state of your dental structure and avoid potential dental issues. At Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic, we offer various forms of preventive dentistry that are focused on maintaining healthy growth of teeth.

Visit us today to enjoy top-notch preventive dental services. Preventive dentistry is ideal for children more than adults. Since children have growing teeth, gums and jaws, it is best to take regular dental check-ups to prevent dental illnesses.

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