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Benefits of dental implants

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Dental implants are a shape of tooth replacement that is used to give you a permanent change of teeth. Most dental clinics recommend dental implants because they act as counterparts for real teeth and cannot be disputed from a natural tooth except if the crown is a metallic alloy.

At Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic, you can get various types of dental implants. Deeping on your dental issue, the dentist will select the best type of dental implant. For instance, the dentist may choose all on four implants if he wants to replace a whole set of teeth.

These implants are most convenient for people who have loss of teeth. Dental implants Encino have multiple advantages to the wearer making them more convenient than other methods of dental tooth replacement.

They are permanent

Dental implants Encino is permanently fixed onto the jawbone of the patient. The procedure is usually done by an orthodontist or an oral surgeon since they need to cut out some of the jawbones during implanting. The dental specialist will first use some local or general anesthesia to make the area numb during the procedure.

He then drills a small hole into the jawbone where the titanium implant is placed. The titanium root is preferred due to its strong and also inert nature.

After placing the titanium root, the area is left to heal for about four to six months. The surrounding bone heals around the implant holding the implant root firmly and tightly.

They are cavity free

Dental implants are the most convenient type of dental kind because they are free of cavity and tooth decay. Cavity and tooth decay normally An orthodontist or an oral surgeon usually do the procedure the enamel of the tooth as stored bacteria begin to break down the tooth surface.

However, for porcelain dental implants Encino, cavities cannot break it down since the material is much stronger than the tooth enamel. However, dentists at Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic recommend that you should engage in regular dental hygiene to avoid affecting the gum support of the implant.

They are durable

Dental implants Encino are very durable. Dental implants can be designed with different dental crowns. Depending on your choice for dental crowns, you may get a tough or not so very tough dental implant. Dental implants with a metal alloy are more resistant to breaking than porcelain or composite dental crowns.

Metal alloy crowns can go for more than twenty years without needing repair. Visit Philip Farzad DDS today and get high-quality implant surgery for your dental structure.


Dental implants are available in different kinds and materials. For dental crowns, you can either go for metallic alloys, porcelain, gold or composite dental crowns. All these types of dental implants have their advantages and disadvantages. The dentist will help you choose the most convenient dental implant to use for your dental issue.

The implant root may also come in different kinds. If you have had a bone graft recently, the dentist will use a dental root that is easy to hold and long enough to be supported by the underlying jawbone.

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