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Dentist Encino

We have one of the few qualified and certified dentist in Encino and the other surrounding areas of CA.

Dr. Philip Fazard, DDS is the home dentist at our practice, and he is the person to see for your dental concerns.

He is highly qualified, and you can be sure that he will tackle whatever dental issues you may have and keep you in your perfect oral health.

General dentistry

Our practice is a family dentistry center that provides various services for patients of all ages may they be kids, teens, adults and even the aged. The patients’ comfort is always our number one concern, and we ensure that you are comfortable during the consultation and treatment period with us. Dr. Philip does offer a number of general dental services to affected patients.

One of the treatment options our dentist does is teeth extractions for cases that require them. He also does teeth cleanings which are necessary to remove any form of decay that may cause further complications.

Besides these, we also do teeth fillings and sealants as a remedy for cavities. Other treatment procedures offered by Dr. Philip include crowns and bridgework to mend worn-out teeth as well as screenings to look for any other dental complications that may be fatal if not detected early enough. A visit to our practice always starts with an examination to figure out the exact nature of the case of the teeth in order to know the best treatment option for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our practice is also dedicated to giving our patients an extreme smile make-over. We are dedicated to improving smiles, and we have some cosmetic options to give you better-looking teeth and a brighter smile. Some of the procedures to achieve the perfect smile are inlays and on lays. These are bits of composite material that we use to fill up your teeth and recover their shape and structure for a more natural look.

Dr. Philip also provides veneers to help achieve the desired teeth shape and appearance. These are appliances that you apply on the front surface of your teeth using adhesives to give your teeth the desired look. Our practice is capable of handling any cosmetic concern and insecurity you may have with your teeth, and our goal is to make those problems as stress-free as possible to you.

Quality Care

Our practice prides itself as being the best dental practice in Encino. With our state of the art technology and designs our facility is dedicated to giving you the best dentist Encino experience in a convenient environment. Our offices are stocked with quality service delivery with friendly staff and qualified personnel who are ready to listen to whatever concerns you may have and give you appropriate guidance.

We also have TV sets and other entertainment media at the clinic make you feel relaxed and at home as you get your dental procedure. Dr. Philip always advised his patients to contact him after treatment to monitor their progress and this follow up creates a good rapport with the patient whose health is always our first priority.

Our Location

Philip Farzad, DDS

16661 Ventura Blvd, Suite 815
Encino, CA 91436
(818) 905-7787

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