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All about sedation dentistry


Dentistry has changed immensely in recent years. Better ways of dental treatment have been developed to ensure improved dental treatment. This efficiency in dental treatment can be seen in ozone dentistry, laser dentistry and also sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry can be referred to a form of dentistry where the patient is induced with sedative medication which reduces pain during dental treatment.

Most people request for sedation dentistry Encino since it allows the individual to undergo treatment without having to worry about any pain and discomfort. You can get sedation dentistry at Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic. The dentist will select the most suitable form of sedation depending on your preference and dental treatment.

Who qualifies for sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry Encino can be given to any dental patient. However, it is mostly recommended for people with a low pain threshold. These are people who cannot stand constant pain for a long period of time. Sedation can also be given to people with anxiety of dental treatment.

Some people fear to go to the dentist. This phobia can make them avoid the dental clinic or fear dental treatment. In such a case, sedation dentistry Encino can be given to reduce anxiety and calm the individual. Children are also commonly given a sedative medication to make them calm and relaxed during dental treatment.

Is it safe?

Most people are usually concerned about the safety of sedation dentistry in dental treatment. It is important to note that sedation before dental treatment does not affect the treatment in any way. After sedation dentistry, the sedative medication does not take long to wear off. Within two hours, you will be back on your feet even for general sedation.

However, dentist advice against driving after dental treatment. Since traces of the sedative medication may still be in the body, it may affect how you behave immediately after dental treatment.

Different levels of sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry Encino can is performed for various dental treatments. For small dental operations and treatments like tooth removal, the dentist uses the lowest level of sedation which is minimal sedation. Here, the uses only a small dose of sedation.

This is intended to keep you relaxed, but you will still be awake. The next level is moderate sedation. As the level of sedation increases, consequently does the complexity of the dental treatment. Surgically invasive procedures are extra painful hence require more sedative medication.

Moderate sedation leaves you slightly unconscious, but you won’t be completely asleep. The next level of sedation is referred to while deep sedation. This level of sedation is quite strong and can make you pass out during treatment. However, you can easily be woken by a small shove although your mouth will be numb.

Finally, the dentist can induce general anesthesia for surgical procedures like surgical tooth removal and root canal therapy. This level of sedation ensures that you are completely unconscious during treatment. You may have to wait for the sedation to wear off before waking fully.

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