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All you necessitate to know about Invisalign treatment


Irregular or misaligned teeth can affect your smile very negatively. For several people, it may be hard to talk aloud or laugh in front of others because of their teeth. However, today you can get various types of treatments to restore the positioning of your teeth and give you a brilliant smile.

At Philip Farzad DDS dental clinic, there are different methods of treatment you can get including Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign Encino is special types of aligners that provide more efficiency and convenience in tooth realignment treatment. Unlike other types of aligners, Invisalign offers comfort since the structure is made of a tough plastic that is easy on the gums.

What to expect during Invisalign treatment

Invisalign aligners are made of a hard type of plastic that helps push teeth back to their intended position. Before getting Invisalign Encino fitted, the dentist has to perform a consultation session in order to design custom-made aligners. During the consultation, the dentist takes your teeth impression in order to facilitate a specialized treatment plan for you. After designing the Invisalign aligners, the dentist will place them on your teeth and ask you to open and close your mouth to ensure that they fit perfectly.

 The aligners work by shifting the teeth slowly to a better position where the teeth will be more even and symmetrical. If there is a modification that needs to be done after trying them on, you should consult the dentist to do it before wearing the Invisalign. When the final Invisalign are given to you, the dentist may recommend wearing them for as long as possible in order to hasten the speed of treatment.

When is Invisalign necessary?

Invisalign Encino has a lot of applications in dental treatment. For one, people with gapped teeth can benefit a lot from Invisalign treatment. Gaps between teeth can be a condition from birth or also a situation caused by tooth removal. Gapped teeth may increase an individual’s chances of getting dental infections since bacteria can collect in the gaps and affect both the teeth and the gums. Invisalign can be used to readjust the tooth position in order to eliminate the gap completely. 

Invisalign are also commonly used for resolving bite issues. The Invisalign help to realign the teeth and improve biting of the dental patient. Invisalign are also used in the treatment of crowded teeth. This occurs when teeth occupy more space than they were initially intended to. Visit Philip Farzad DDSdental clinic today and get the best form of Invisalign treatment.

Maintenance of Invisalign

Cleaning your invisalign aligners daily is recommended by dental specialists. What’s more, the invisalign should be kept wet at all times especially before putting them on. This will help reduce any discomfort that one may get from the invisalign. Regular brushing for both your natural teeth and the invisalign is strongly recommended. 

This is done to prevent any dental infections that may affect treatment and recovery after getting invisalign. Invisalign Encino is fragile and can crack or chip under high pressure. It is important to protect them from harm by avoiding chewing on hard items.

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